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Can’t record those heart-pounding moments while deep-sea diving, biking, skydiving or skiing? is a professional outdoor action camera manufacturer, to provide you with small and delicate, professional waterproof fashion action camera, let you record beautiful moments!

Action camera 4k head waterproof camera underwater cameras
Action camera 4k head waterproof camera underwater cameras

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For over 5 years, businesses have come to depend on us for our expertise, quality, and customer service. We have experimented many times with travel enthusiasts, and after numerous failures, we have overcome all kinds of difficulties and kept perfecting to create the best action camera.

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252,189 happy customers & counting

it’s a solid and dependable camera that has caught several people passing illegally in a certain stretch of road while I ride, I will continue to use it and continue to send the video to the sheriff.


We bought second one after buying this one. It’s not a high priced GoPro but does the job for recording the ride for safety.


I especially like extreme sports and need a sports camera. it’s great.

actioncameraflashlight 1080p

Our story begins in 2017

I am an outdoor enthusiast. I have been bungee jumping at Macau Tower, and I have also been to the rope was in Costa Rica and surfing in the sea of ​​Lua Island in the Fiji Islands. I have been looking for a stable and high-definition action camera to record this beautiful scene moment.

I am looking for senior camera engineers in the world to design and manufacture in the best factories in the world.

I require my camera to be small enough, sturdy, waterproof, high-definition, and can adapt to harsh natural weather and temperature.

In 2020, the first action camera retail store opened in Florida, USA, and we sold 5,000 1080p action cameras.

Luckily, fast-forward to today, and over 350,000 people have loved our action cameras.