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What is an action camera

With the improvement of our living and entertainment level, our requirements for shooting are getting higher and higher, and various camera products are constantly improving and innovating. Under the requirements of dynamic shooting, action cameras also came into being. Action cameras are a type of digital cameras and are designed for sports scenes. Under the existing shooting conditions, shooting devices such as smartphones and digital cameras cannot work stably in many sports environments, such as high altitudes Or it can’t shoot normally in deep water environment. Or even if you have the ability to shoot, you can’t achieve some desired shooting angles. The emergence of action cameras has solved these troubles. Action cameras have the advantages of small head, portable, concealed, easy to install, high anti-shake performance, waterproof, shock-proof, and corrosion-resistant. They are mainly used to shoot videos of sports scenes, such as outdoor riding. Use action cameras to shoot in some extreme sports such as walking, running, surfing, shooting while walking, self-driving tour shooting, swimming shooting, etc. Almost all young people in the United States who like sports want to buy an action camera, take pictures of what they encounter when they exercise, and share the joy with their partners.

action camera

The difference between action cameras and ordinary cameras

First, the shooting angle of action camera and ordinary camera are different. Action cameras are more for selfies, and regular cameras are more for his shots. With an action camera, the movement participant itself can be the subject or the subject, and it is difficult for ordinary camera photographers to directly participate in the movement.

Second, the shapes of action cameras and ordinary cameras are different. The shape of the action camera is very small, so it is more convenient to carry and install in special places. The look of a normal camera is very bulky, not to mention the need for heavier lens equipment for sports professional photography.

Third, the lenses of action cameras are different from ordinary cameras. Most action camera lenses are fisheye lenses. A fisheye lens is a lens with an extremely short focal length, an angle of view close to or equal to 180°, 16mm, or a shorter focal length. A fisheye lens is a special type of ultra-wide-angle lens that strives to reach or exceed the range of what the human eye can see.

Fourth, the performance of action cameras and ordinary cameras is different.Action cameras are mainly used for extreme sports such as skiing, surfing, extreme cycling and skydiving. Action cameras have many performances that ordinary cameras do not have. Waterproof, shock resistance, and heat resistance are important parameters of action cameras.

What is action camera flashlight

An action camera flashlight is a LED light which can be used along with an action camera. It generally has provision to be mounted alongside the action camera or can be used as a standalone device light as well.

A typical action camera flashlight is capable of producing around 300 lumens, which is bright enough to capture good videos. These action camera flashlights are also designed to work underwater and in most cases can go up to 30-50 m underwater.

The flashlight is generally used by mounting it alongside the action camera itself so that you always get the required illumination for your videos.

The best action camera flashlights are capable of intensely bright white light and can last for hours on some good batteries. The only way you’ll be able to use your action camera at night or in low light conditions.

Some action camera flashlights are designed with built-in lights, so that you can use them in the dark without the need to add photography lights, and some action cameras like GoPro require additional photography lights to shoot at night.

Are Action Cameras Worth Buying?

There is no equipment that must be bought, unless the premise is that you need it. Before many people choose an action camera, they should ask themselves, is an action camera worth buying? For those in need, are action cameras worth buying? The answer is yes. For those who are not in high demand, the answer is to be determined. Therefore, there is nothing that must be bought, but if you need it, you can buy it according to your budget.

What is the best action camera

If you have enough budget and want to shoot better, it is recommended to start with some professional action cameras in one step.At present, the most popular brands in the field of action cameras are 360 action camera, DJI action camera, and GoPro action camera, but their prices are very expensive, generally above $400, which is not very friendly to some extreme sports players.

The main functions of the 360 sports camera are bare metal waterproof, voice control, touch operation, support for panoramic shooting, and the shooting resolution is also relatively high, which can retain more shooting details, and the exclusive anti-shake technology can bring a relatively stable shooting effect.

DJI action camera, its texture is better, and the magnetic wearable sports camera has become more convenient to carry and record. There is also a protective frame that can be used, which can reduce the temperature of the camera surface and increase the shooting time.

The anti-shake effect of the GoPro action camera is better, and it can shoot without a stabilizer; the waterproof height of the bare metal is about 10 meters, and the low-light effect of the camera can reduce the noise of the video very well.

The above three brands of action cameras have their own characteristics, and they do show good shooting and recording effects in some extreme sports, but the only disadvantage is that they are expensive, and many young sports enthusiasts cannot afford it, so we decided to take sports hobby. This article provides an affordable sports camera that meets the needs of sports shooting. I hope this article will inspire buyers who choose sports to choose the sports camera that suits them. If you also need to buy Action camera, may wish to visit our store, click the picture below to arrive.

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