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My name is JACKSON GARY, and I am an American extreme sports enthusiasts.

Like most people, I have a day job and I am blessed with only a mildly mundane one working as a product manager for an Internet company.

The internet is exciting, but my passion is travel and adventure. Love of nature and adventurous are my flexible conversations, I can say for sure that cycling, diving, skiing, fishing, surfing, skydiving, boating, rock climbing are my favorite sports.

We have tried various action cameras for recording, but none of them satisfied us, either the battery is not durable, or it is not waterproof, or it is easy to shake?

Why create actioncameraflashlight.us?

A friend encouraged me to combine my internet technology experience with my passion for extreme sports to create a blog platform where extreme sports enthusiasts like me can gather together to study and choose the right action camera and record beautiful moments.

Here, I’m building a team of writers, all extreme athletes, who write posts. Of course, our blog reviews every article to ensure quality. All articles must meet high standards of objectivity, fairness and originality.

We will only post high quality, accurate extreme sports content on my blog including cycling, diving, swimming, climbing, bungee jumping and more. It doesn’t do any of us any good if I don’t.

I’m glad you’re here, hope you have a great time. I hope that when we come together, we can learn, improve and spread this amazing sport.

Content Writer Team Members

Kara Koch

Hi! My name is Kara, and I’m from the great Pacific Northwest state of Washington.

There, I used to be a 200 kg fat man, so I made up my mind to lose weight, I would take time out every month to ride with my friends, we would find a lot of beautiful scenery on the road, I want to record them with my camera, and we will love them over time When I went cycling, I searched for a lot of action cameras on the Internet, but I couldn’t find an action camera that was both high-definition and waterproof and could shoot for a long time.

Later, I met a kind gentleman who introduced me to actioncameraflashlight.us, I bought my first action camera online with the attitude of trying it out, and when I have questions about using them and ask them, they are also happy to Tell me how to use it, at the same time, I think I have a lot of the same extreme sports friends who also need this professional action camera, so I choose to join them and introduce this product to my friends.

Then I met my husband in that extreme sports group, and now we have two beautiful little girls that I can stay home with while blogging. This is a very sweet deal.

I hope you enjoy the content of actioncameraflashlight.us and have a passion and energy for what you read here.